Nikon AF 70-200 Review

Nikon AF 70-200 Review

“Fantastic experience at the British Museum with the 70-200mm VR”

nikon nikkor 70-200

This lens has so many uses. Anytime I can position myself where my subject is more than five feet away, this is my lens of choice. I have the kit 18-70mm that came with the D70 and a 50mm prime (I have the 18-200 VR is on order, and if Nikon can ever get around to catching up with demand, that lens might surpass this one, due to the smaller weight – plus it is a lot cheaper).

I took every lens I own with the D70 to the British Museum in London. Shooting handheld in available light (I never used the flash) with many of the Egyptian and Greek artifacts over fifty feet away, I got outstanding results with this lens. The VR technology is amazing. Having a constant 2.8 aperture was also a major advantage. I’ll grant you my arm felt like a rubber hose after four hours of site seeing, but it was worth it! I have had similar satisfaction using the lens outdoors for wildlife photography. I have even used the TC-20EII teleconverter with the lens, to shoot hummingbirds at great distance. I would have no reservations about recommending the lens, until Nikon announced the 18-200 VR. This new lens has a much broader focal length on the low end, and focuses much closer (around a foot, compared to five feet for 70-200). The 18-200 does not provide a constant 2.8 aperture across it’s focal length, so the 70-200 would be better at long distances in low light. But at less than half the price, and I think less than half the size, this new lens clearly will have a premier spot in my bag. Will it totally replace the 70-200VR? I’ll update my review when I finally get to try the lens on the block. Until then, the 70-200mm VR is the champ!

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Nikon AF 70-200 Review By CRAIG LYKINS (Alabama)
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