Nikkor 55-200 Review

Nikkor 55-200 Review

“Very good when cost is considered”

nikon nikkor 55-200

This has turned out to be a very nice lens for the money. I purchased it about 6 months ago to photograph my sons tee-ball and soccer games and it has been perfect for that purpose. The focusing is quick enough to keep up with him, especially outdoors. Optical quality isn’t perfect, but it is good, and I don’t notice the weaknesses in this lens when taking photos of the kinds of subjects I am interested in photographing – people and nature.

This isn’t a “pro” lens, but I’m not a pro and don’t need that level of durability. Still, at the low price I paid at Amazon, I don’t really worry about it getting bumped, etc. I won’t be out a fortune if something does happen.

The most inconvenient part about owning this lens is having to swap lenses from my 18-55 kit lens, and having to think far enough in advance to have this lens on when I need it. That is obviously a personal issue and not a problem with this lens. The 18-200 lenses on the market might solve that problem for a LOT more money, but then I would probably leave my lens cap on…

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reviews of nikon 55-200mm

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Nikkor 55-200 Review By D. Edwards (Louisville KY USA)
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