Nikon 24-120 3.5 Review

Nikon 24-120 3.5 Review

“Least expensive VR lens?”

nikon nikkor 24-120

I got this lens used from a friend, and am overall satisfied with it. For its role as a low light lens, it is adequate. It doesn’t focus as close as I would like in some applications, but then, it wasn’t designed as a macro lens. The current photo on Amazon of this lens is wrong, I believe. I use this lens a lot for photographing people at conventions/banquets, with flash. If you can’t afford the 18-200mm VR, then by all means, get this one.

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reviews of nikon 24-120mm

Price Range: $XXX to $649.99
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Nikon 24-120 3.5 Review By B. Stokes (Texas USA)
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