Nikkor 70-300 Review

Nikkor 70-300 Review

“WOW – CRISP Photos – with and withOUT VR on”

nikon nikkor 70-300 f/4.5-5.6G

I just got the lens yesterday – and I am blown away. It is my first VR and I had to get used to the noise that it makes when VR is engaged. It’s a very minimal amount, it’s just more than normal AF noise. Anyway, I took some photos with my D80 with and without using the flash (SB-800) and the photos were so crisp! I also tried taking some photos while panning (my daughter walking fast) with the VR on and they were perfect!
Some people say the lens is large. Well, really its not — at least compared to “big glass” lenses in the thousand dollar range. It is quite a bit bigger than my 18-135mm, but I expected that since it is a 300mm.
If anyone is on the fence about this lens, it is worth EVERY penny. But grab one now before the price goes up. The 18-200mm VR is impossible to find, but when you do, it is over $200 more than it should be. I have a feeling once people see how good this lens is, it will disappear and when you can ever find it again, it will be a higher price as well! Buy it now and ENJOY!!

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Price Range: $XXX to $597.79
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Nikkor 70-300 Review By Wendy H. (Texas)
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