Nikon 200-400 Review

Nikon 200-400 Review

“Excellent zoom telephoto”

nikon nikkor 200-400

The image quality delivered by the 200-400 mm is excellent. The lens itself is very well constructed. While the 200-400 mm is heavy at 7 lbs+. it balances well on the tripod mount. The control buttons include AF lock, memory reset, sound warning on/off, AF range, VR mode, etc. The S-wave AFS operation is fast on the D2Xs, but slower on the consumer level D70. With the TC14-E teleconverter (max. to maintain autofocus capability) added, the focusing speed slows down on the D2Xs and becomes unacceptable on the D70. The VR feature works well on this lens. Images are well-saturated with excellent contrast and crisp detail. A great lens for nature photography but pricey!

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reviews of nikon 200-400mm

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Nikon 200-400 Review By Boca "boca" (san jose, ca United States)
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