Nikon Fisheye Lens Review

Nikon Fisheye Lens Review

“Very Impressive Lens…use Capture NX for postprocessing”

nikon nikkor 10.5

I bought this lens to use on my D80 and new D300. I shoot mostly outdoor landscapes, nature and events. The 10.5 Fisheye lens is fantastic, sharp, and gives you a perspective unlike any lens you have. I shoot with my 12-24 and 18-200 but now put on the 10.5 if I really want to see a great perspective. Get in close. It focuses to about 6 inches so move in close and change your angle for best composition.

It is really well suited for a beautiful sunset with far reaching clouds. The secret is to use Nikon Capture NX as post processing to automatically correct the fisheye to make it look like a super-duper wide angle. Then load the file into Photoshop or whatever you use. Depending upon the subject, and your position you don’t always have to correct the fisheye because it makes very interesting shots. For example, I won’t correct the perspective in Capture NX when I shoot a close up of a flower because it looks great without it.

If you like to spend time composing a shot and try to get it right in the camera, then you will REALLY like this lens. If you usually just walk around with a “normal” lens on your camera and take snap shots, this isn’t your lens.

The lens comes with a deep lens cap. There are no threads for filters or a screw-on cap. The lens cap just slides on and stays on.

The size of the lens is very similar to the 50mm f1.8 lens, so it is small enough to put in your pocket and keep it with you when you need it. You will find yourself looking at things differently when you have this lens. For example, I take my camera on my hikes (which I logged over 1000 GPS miles in 2007) and now find many more things to shoot that needs a perspective wider than my beloved 12-24 zoom provides.

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Nikon Fisheye Lens Review By Arizona Photographer (Grand Canyon)
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