Nikon 10.5 Lens Review

Nikon 10.5 Lens Review

Even better than I expected

nikon nikkor 10.5

This really is a fabulous lens – I am relatively new to digital SLR photography, and have been slowly acquiring lenses over the past six months. Just added this to my camera bag, and I am impressed.

First, the build quality is first-rate. The lens feels solid in the hand. This is a DX lens, so there is no aperture ring, and the result is a lens with very few moving parts and a clean, well put-together appearance. Second, the optics are very good – I don’t know much about pincushioning, but I do know that the quality of the image I get is #1. I have been experimenting by taking close-ups of my dogs, and I can’t get enough of the fisheye treatment.

If you are looking for a second wide-angle lens, and have an eye for images that are beyond the ordinary, this lens will not disappoint.

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Nikon 10.5 Lens Review By J. Spicer (Wyoming)
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