Nikon 17-55 Lens Review

Nikon 17-55 Lens Review

“They don’t get any better.”

nikon nikkor 17-55

I’ve had this lens since Nov of 2006. At first the weight and feel let you know this is not any kit lens. The dampening of the zoom ring is perfect, not too tight not too loose, again you feel the quality.

Then you put it on a D200 and you squeeze the shutter button to activate the auto focus. You start to wonder if it even responded because you didn’t hear anything, so you start putting it to the test by quickly jumping between objects near and far. Soon you realize that the AF truly is silent and faster than anything you’ve used before.

Then you bring the pictures into PhotoShop and like another reviewer here stated, you realize the image doesn’t need any USM (sharpening). It came right out of the camera razor sharp.

Then you try it in low light conditions and realize how fast it is. Then you get creative with the aperture wide open and it delivers beautiful creamy blurred backgrounds while your subjects are in perfect detail.

I could go on and on, but as the folks in California would say…it’s all good.

If you can afford it, don’t worry about the cost. IMHO it is worth every penny. Best lens I own. Of course I just ordered the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 ED IF AF-S VR zoom. It’s due here this Friday, I have heard nothing but excellent reports on that lens too. This one may have to take second place when the 70-200 gets here.

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Nikon 17-55 Lens Review By Paul T. Stewart (Hendersonville, TN USA)
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