Nikon 80-400 Lens Review

Nikon 80-400 Lens Review

“Nikon 80-400mm pictures”

nikon nikkor 80-400

I give it five stars for its quality, versatility, VR and price range.
I sold my Nikon 80-200mm/f2.8 after comparing this lens to the 80-400mm. Although faster and superior under low light conditions, the 80-200mm had limited range. The VR feature in the 80-400mm is great and allows handholding in situations where the 80-200mm falls short. I ran some test and could not find any differences in sharpness (f5.6-f11)between both lenses when mounted on a tripod. As far as portability, it is all relative. If you want to travel really light this may not be the lens of choice (neither was the 80-200mm for that matter). My one complain is that the AF is slower than any of my other lenses and it sometimes has difficulty focusing under low light conditions (It is nice to be able to switch to manual focus on the lens itself). For me a prime 400mm lens is out of the question (>$4000) so this is a very good afordable alternative. I have used this lens at the Zoo, for portrait photography, macro photography or at local parks for birding as shown in here:
I took a picture of the lion at the SF Zoo and made a gorgeous 13×19 picture. I could not believe how good the lens performed on my Nikon D70s.

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Nikon 80-400 Lens Review By J. Mulero "travel enthusiast" (Sunnyvale, CA)
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