Nikon 14-24 Review

Nikon 14-24 Review

“Amazing ultra-wide”

nikon nikkor 14-24

If you want an amazing ultra wide angle lens for both FF and DX, this should be your choice hands-down. My old Sigma 12-24mm is a laugher by comparison. Talk about clarity and detail! Nothing out there comes close! Better than my old AF 20mm 2.8. The only down side is the inability to use filters, and the fixed hood is just a bit too wide for my Lee LF filter holder. But, in these Photoshop days, most filter effects can be post-processed as long as the image isn’t overexposed. If it wasn’t for this inconvenience, this would be a 5-star lens all the way.

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reviews of nikon 14-24mm

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Nikon 14-24 Review By Michael E. Clark (Tampa, FL USA)
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