Nikon 18-200mm Lens Review

Nikon 18-200mm Lens Review

“A breakthrough! A high quality lens that almost all Nikon users will want”

nikon nikkor 18-200

This lens is quite literally a miracle of technology. It provides sharp, decent performance as a 18mm to 200mm zoom lens. (It provides a 27-300 focal range on a Nikon digital camera due to the 1.5 sensor crop). This is a DX lens, and therefore is designed only for Nikon digital cameras, not film cameras. The fact that it is a DX lens also enables this lens to be lighter and smaller than a conventional “full crop” lens. I have been told by pros that this lens would be a “monster” in size were it not for the fact that it is a DX lens. As it is, it is small and light, and feels great mounted on my D70s.

This is not a cheap lens. It is capable of providing professional-level quality images throughout its range, although it is certainly not the best lens at a given range–no zoom lense is that. The fantastic (yes, I mean it, fantastic) thing about this lens is that over an incredible focal range from wide-angle to telescopic, it provides sharp, bright images. Oh, many prime lenses can produce brighter images, and the much more expensive and larger, heavier 70-200 VR Nikkor provides brighter images with better bokeh, and many wide-angle Nikkor zooms outperform this lens at the other end of its range, but no other lens I know of can touch this lens for its overall range. This lens is capable of producing pleasing, bright, and vivid images througout its range.

One big feature of the 18-200 VR is the Vibration Reduction technology that is built into the lens. This stabilizes the lens and allows it to take good photographs in much dimmer light than would otherwise be practical, and to some extent VR does the same thing that a tripod would do, i.e. stabilize the camera. The VR works, too, contributing to the sharpness of the images. VR is not a substitute for fast glass, which is one reason that very serious photographers will not be junking their heavy professional lenses (such as the incomparable 70-200 VR zoom, for example, or the wonderful 17-55 zoom). A discussion of the shortcomings and advantages of VR is beyond the scope of this review, but suffice to say that the VR on this 18-200 VR lens contributes to its ability to produce very sharp images.

This is the ultimate “walking around” lens, and it is absolutely the lens of choice in many/most situations in which it is simply impractical to either change lenses, or bring along more than one lens. Almost all users of Nikon digital cameras will want to consider this lens. I am blown away with the images that I have been able to achieve using the 18-200VR.

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Nikon 18-200mm Lens Review By Roger J. Buffington (Huntington Beach, CA United States)
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