Nikon 14-24 Wide Angle Review

Nikon 14-24 Wide Angle Review


nikon nikkor 14-24

It is quite shocking to hold this 2.8 ultrawide lens. This lens is a standard-setter. It is SO SHARP wide open that you will be amazed. I read one review that said that it eliminates a bag of primes.

Yes, it is large. Yes, it is heavy. Yes, the front element is exposed and potentially vulnerable (use the lens cap!). Yes, it is not as wide as the DX lenses on DX bodies: Sigma 10-20, Tokina/Nikon 12-24. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is not as wide as some on DX cameras…

BUT this is a keeper and – somehow – when you mount the lens, and hold it, all those problems disappear. Will I take it hiking in Shenandoah? Nah, I put the Sigma 10-20 on for wide mucky stuff…

If you own a DX camera currently (all but D3 owners), you can invest in your FX future. BUT, it works phenomenally well on DX sensors like my D300… Helps me take great images…

A great piece of kit, as my British friends would say…

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Nikon 14-24 Wide Angle Review By R. Lanthier (Vienna, VA United States)
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