Nikon 24-120 Lens Review

Nikon 24-120 Lens Review

“Great portrait zoom lens”

nikon nikkor 24-120

I have a D70S & D200. Ikeep my 18-200 lens almost always on the D200. I bought the 24-120 for a portrait lens on my D70S so I dont have to continualy change lenses on my D200 with the 18-200 lens. I’ve only taken a couple of images. I am very happy with the detail and AF zoom. Quiet & responsive. I have no prime lenses. But I just ordered the upscale 50 mm lens for its fast apeture. It is backordered, Wall ST, is taking advantage of the availability and chargin $100 more for the same. But they have it in stock.
I plan on buying a couple of more fast prime lens as all my lenses are slow zooms

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Nikon 24-120 Lens Review By M. Novak (Redding, Cal.)
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