Nikon 55-200 Lens Review

Nikon 55-200 Lens Review

Wow! Nikon Digital Lenses Rock!

nikon nikkor 55-200

If you are looking for a scholarly, technical, or engineering review of the Nikon 55-200 lens, I do apologize. As a former Air Force photographer, studio photographer and avid amateur, I should talk about its specifications in great, knowing detail.

Sorry, I am too busy having fun again with my new lens and camera! What a zoom – look at the heavens – super portraits or get in close. Yahoo!

Go for it – you’ll love it and while the technical stuff is grand, with so many raving reviews, I won’t write another. Why is it that other artists (painters, musicians, writers etc.) can talk for hours about their art, without discussing their equipment?


Go ahead; buy it, try it, love it!

Now, go read all the great technical reviews while you are waiting for it to be sent to you.

North Dakota Paul

More Nikon 55-200mm Reviews from Amazon:

Check out for more reviews of Nikon’s 55-200mm, it has more consumer reviews and reports than any other site online:

reviews of nikon 55-200mm

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Nikon 55-200 Lens Review by Paul P. Robinette Jr. "North Dakota Paul" (Granville, ND USA)
- More Reviews from


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