Nikon AF 55-200mm Review

Nikon AF 55-200mm Review

Don’t expect a Mercedes for the price of a Hyundai- great lens for the price!!

nikon nikkor 55-200

I bought this lens to complement the 18-55mm lens that came with my D50. The people who criticize this lens certainly have the right to their opinions but I don’t feel they are keeping the price of the lens in perspective while reviewing the lens. One can spend thousands of dollars on a single Nikon lens. And to me, the fact that I can get a lens with great optics that’s a little slow but is incredibly light for under $200 is nothing short of miraculous. If you would have told someone in 1968 that a lens of this quality would be available for such a low price, they would have laughed. Nikon is indeed the king of making lenses and they had made a lens that allows those that are beginners or who can’t afford incredibly high priced lenses the ability to step into a very nice range lens with great optics for a pittance of what professional lenses cost. So what if it’s a little slow? If I had the money, I guess I’d be spending $1500 on every lens but the fact is I don’t have those resources and appreciate Nikon opening the door and letting me in on the fun too at a very reasonable price for a very reasonable quality lens. For those that dislike this lens, take it back and get a truly great lens for 10 times the price- they’re available- no ones’ stopping you- so why knock this lens down so badly? It services a certain market- those of us who want nice pictures but can’t afford super fast super expensive lenses. These lenses are what they are. Quit all the whining and either just enjoy the lens for what it can do considering it’s very low price or go out and buy that expensive lens that does everything you want it to. The super lenses are there for the buying. It’s Not like they’re not available and this is the only lens out there and Nikon is charging $700 dollars for it. I could understand some whining then. I got this lens on sale for $140. That’s incredible. Enjoy this lens for all that it can do for such a reasonable price!

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Nikon AF 55-200mm Review By P. Smith (Northeast)
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