Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Flash Review

Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Flash Review

“The perfect D70 flash”

nikon speedlight sb-600

Despite having a sackful of flashes, including a lot of Vivitar 283s and 285s that have served me well, when I bought my D70 I had nothing that really worked well with the new camera. In order to take advantage of the D70’s iTTL metering system you really have only two choices- the SB-800 and SB-600.

Many opt for the SB-800, yet it really has only two practical advantages over the SB-600:

1. It delivers somewhat more output (at the cost of slower recycling) and

2. It can act as a master unit in an array of SB-600s and SB-800s.

All well and good, but who among us really intends to set up the three and four flash arrays Nikon shows in their brochure? Or even two flash arrays? If I need that many lights I’d use a studio flash setup, which would be cheaper and more flexible in the long run.

As it is, the SB-600 can be triggered remotely by the D70 flash, or you can use a remote cable. A small slaved fill flash unit can be added (I like to use them for lighting hair in portraits) without really affecting the main exposure. And most of the time all I need in one light. The guy who taught me lighting showed me that you can do handle just about any lighting task there is with a sigle soft light or bounced flash.

So for 2/3rds the cost of the SB-800, the 600 delivers 90% of the features, and 100% of the useful features. Add the remote cable and a couple of reflectors, and you can do just about possible one-light trick- and that’s a lot of tricks.

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Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Flash Review By Michael J Edelman (Huntington Woods, MI USA)
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