Nikon AF 14-24mm Review

Nikon AF 14-24mm Review

The new standard

nikon nikkor 14-24

Nikon’s new 14-24 lens is just phenomenal. The clarity is that of a prime lens. In fact, this super-wide angle zoom lens effectively replaces the equivalent prime lenses within most of its focal length (except perhaps the 24mm range); it’s like owning a bag full of prime lenses that have been combined to make one superlative zoom lens.

Yes, it’s that good. If you check around the web, you will see the pros falling over themselves for this lens after they test it. It’s built like a tank and is precise as a Swiss watch.
Highly recommended.

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reviews of nikon 14-24mm

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Nikon AF 14-24mm Review By PlainWhite (San Francisco, CA, USA)
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