Nikon AF 80-400 Review

Nikon AF 80-400 Review

“Great Lens!”

nikon nikkor 80-400

I have to agree with most of the reviews here. It’s heavy and not particularly quick focusing, but makes great pictures. I moved up from a 70-300 Nikkor, and it was well worth it. Having the extra 100mm is wonderful (essentially it’s like a 600mm lens on a 35mm). And the VR is fantastic. One of the best endorsements for it is the number of times I’ve heard “You took that handheld?”. Closer minimum focusing distance would be nice, but I have no real complaints about this lens.

I posted a couple of photos here, but you can’t really see the detail.

Some Nikon lenses feel like they’re made for the masses. The 80-400 has the ‘pro’ feel you come to expect from Nikon. You won’t be disappointed.

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reviews of nikon 80-400mm

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Nikon AF 80-400 Review By James Cooper "Conspicuous Consumer" (Pennsylvania)
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