Nikon 10.5mm Lens Review

Nikon 10.5mm Lens Review

Look through the eyes of creativity

nikon nikkor 10.5

I doubt it if anyone would want to use this lens for family photos (unless you want to get a good laugh out of grandma’s smile!) or weddings (pros know better) or even your average wide angle landscape. This lens is for those who see the world in a different way and would like to run with their creative shoes. Those who complain about the huge distortion from this lens should realize the sole purpose of this lens is to give you distorted images! If you want to get super wide angle, go for Nikon’s 12-24 (if you have a grand to part with and a very happy marriage to ruin!) or the equally impressive and half the price 12-24 Tokina. You can even get the sigma 10-20 and be very happy. All these great lenses will give you minimum distortion and ultra-wide images. But if you invest some $600 in a fisheye like this superb Nikon glass, you should be prepared to see the world differently. Once you teach yourself how to bring the best out of this lens, there will be a whole new world for you to explore.

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Nikon 10.5mm Lens Review By Ali Pourmand
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