Nikon 17 55mm Lens Review

Nikon 17 55mm Lens Review

“It helps me take better photos more than any camera body could”

nikon nikkor 17-55

I bought my 17-55 last month with my D200 – I had intended to get a 18-200 but they were out of stock in Indonesia. I had previously had a F3 and also a F90X and more recently also a D70 all of which were stolen. I used prime lenses with the F3 and lightweight zooms with the F90X.

At first I was shocked by the weight and considered trading it straight back in … but my wife pointed out that the photos it took were simply stunning … and compared to my 18-70 on my old D70 the results are wonderful – with superb definition amazing colours and contrast. It’s fast too which means that the viewfinder is bright – this really helps composition in low light – and it’s sharp all the way to 2.8. Remember kit lens are only really sharp from f8..

It helps me take better photos more than any camera body could. I love the lens now and would trade it for nothing else.

Now there are reviews out there implying this is a very expensive lens offering no real improvement over the excellent Nikon kit lens costing far less. As far as I can see they are unsupported by tests and should be read with extreme caution.

The 17-55 a piece of beautiful engineering and is a joy to handle and on reflection not so heavy . But the real beauty is inside where Nikon have done something almost magical……..

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Nikon 17 55mm Lens Review By TWE Symonds "Will" (Bogor, West Java)
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