Nikkor 24-120 Lens Review

Nikkor 24-120 Lens Review

“A good lens but not perfect or a do-all”

nikon nikkor 24-120

This is a quite good lens for what it is: and what it is is a rather slow decent quality zoom lens that does a fairly good job on Nikon digital SLR cameras, which is what it is for. The main downside of this lens is the fact that it is slow and dark–over most of its range it is closer to F5.6 than F3.5. This is not a fast lens.

This lens is better for digital cameras than film bodies because since Nikon digital SLRs use the half-frame format, the digital body utilizes the “sweet” center portion of the lens, for better quality. I have not used this lens on a film camera and so I cannot give a firsthand report on how significant this is. Others say that it is, in fact, a significant advantage of this lens.

The VR helps, sometimes a lot, but VR is not a cure-all for a lens being slow. VR does not affect the brightness of the image through the viewfinder, although it will improve the quality of the picture by damping out camera shake.

The autofocus on this lens leaves nothing to be desired–it autofocuses at lightning speed. Nikon cut no corners here.

This is a very good all-around lens for the user who does not want to spend a lot of money and who can put up with this lens’ relatively slow speed. A great lens for daylight shots.

The new 18-200 VR ED DX Nikkor is getting better reviews, and digital SLR users will want to consider that lens as an alternative to the 24-120.

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Nikkor 24-120 Lens Review By Roger J. Buffington (Huntington Beach, CA United States)
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