Nikon 70-200mm Review

Nikon 70-200mm Review

“Already a Legend!”

nikon nikkor 70-200

Yes, this lens is already legend, and no, it’s not just a bunch of people trying to justify spending a whole lot of cash on a lens. Make no mistake, this lens is BIG and expensive. It’s not fitting into your travel bag nor is it at home at a friend’s party. For that bring the 18-70mm, 28-200G or just bring a cheaper P&S type camera in case you spill beer on it!
The 70-200 VR is a pro level lens that gets almost everything right. It’s size is the byproduct of an optical design that really makes few, if any compromises. This lens is SHARP…as sharp as my 50mm prime and sharper wide open that you might believe or expect. On a D70 the focus is lightening fast and quite exact. Color rendition is the best I’ve seen. I do much less post processing when this baby is on the D70.
On the problematic side, this lens is BIG. It’s heavy and in the way, though reasonably easy to grasp. I added a Harbortronics portrait grip and the handling/balance is improved. It needs a big bag and focuses down to a bit under 5 feet. While it’s a fantastic portrait lens, you need room to get the most out of it. My first shots with this lens put my more experienced lenses to shame. The bokeh, or quality of out-of-focus areas were creamy and pleasing. Subjects had a 3D quality to them.
The VR system is exactly what you’d expect. I sat on my couch, framed the text on my DVD player about 8 feet away and shot at F/2.8 ISO 200 for a 1/2 second exposure. At 200mm (300mm on the D70) the image was sharp. Without VR I got a big blur.
The real question is: Do you need a 1700 dollar lens?
Answer: Only if you want it. The quality is all there at a level that has people talking about this lens like it’s magic. I have friends who shoot pro with Canon and Nikon. Even the Canon users say the 70-200VR is the best of it’s kind. Sell a kidney and buy one!

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Nikon 70-200mm Review By By Robert Brody "Capt. RB" (Kew gardens, New York United States)
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