Nikkor AF 55-200mm Review

Nikkor AF 55-200mm Review

“the VR works perfectly”

nikon nikkor 55-200

I was at first disappointed in my new Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G DX VR lens. Then I found the VR on/off switch on the side. Since then I have been pleased with the lens’ VR capability (what I bought it for).

My previous digital camera was a Canon PowerShot S1 IS. Without being aware of it, I became used to that little camera’s image stabilization. I casually took handheld shots that came out tack sharp. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on the image stabilization until a few months ago when I got my Nikon D80. I love the camera but was driven to using a tripod for most of my shots. I was taking close-up photos for publication and had to have perfect sharpness. And, I have two kittens; kittens beg impromptu, handheld shots. I was excited when I found this lens because of the low cost.

You really can take photographs three stops slower than is possible without a VR lens. That means more depth of field for close-up shots (used with a filter-like close-up lens). I’m taking my first manual mode outdoor photos so the extra speed range helps me out of tight spots.

The rest of the lens (construction, zoom range, weight) are just fine. One unexpected advantage is the lens’ 52mm filter size. Most of my lens accessories (close up lens set, teleconverter, extension tube set) are 52mm.

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Nikkor AF 55-200mm Review By Douglas H. Haden (Ridgecrest, CA United States)
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