Nikon 24-70 Wide Angle Review

Nikon 24-70 Wide Angle Review

“rock solid at a ridiculous premium”

nikon nikkor 24-70

Performance wise, it’s a 5 star. For the price, you get some nearly the performance for fraction of the price. As an example, the 35-70mm f/2.8 D.

Let’s face it, if you got the money and or need something like this as a pro, this is it. For amateurs, it’s hard to justify blowing $1700 for this puppy.

It’s big, almost as big as the 80-200mm f/2.8 D telephoto zoom. It’s built solid and focus fast, faster than the 80-200mm. It does wide angle at 24mm, which is terrific, and is the best Nikon got for wide to standard zoom. It doesn’t have VR, so the breathing and weight lifting exercises come in handy. It also is as heavy as it looks; 2 more pounds to the body for a grand total of nearly 4 lbs before any other attachments. Nano-crystal coating? Sounds good to me.

If I were shooting portraits, the 35-70mm is lighter and focus fast enough for me and balances better. This thing belongs on a D3 or a D300 with a battery grip for proportion and balance.

Would I recommend it? Not for everyone given the price to performance. Is it a rock solid high performance lens? You bet.

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Nikon 24-70 Wide Angle Review By Shawn Chen "shawnbert" (Cupertino, CA USA)
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