Nikon AF 17-55mm Review

Nikon AF 17-55mm Review

“Great but BIG!”

nikon nikkor 17-55

Super lens. No question. I purchased my D200 with the kit 18-70mm and was quite happy. Ignorance is bliss. After a time I found myself questioning the quality of the camera as all my shots required some sort of post processing to get to a point where I thought the shot looked like through the view finder. Frustrated, I turned to Amazon. I started reading reviews and checking prices. Like another reviewer stated, I was ready pull the trigger on the 17-200mm but reviewers on the site convinced me I would be making a mistake, at least at that moment in time. On the other hand, everyone who had bought the 17-55mm lens seems universally happy with their decision.

I’m one of them. This lens is incredible. When you hold it up against the kit lens, there is literally no comparison, both physically and perforance wise. Physically its MUCH bigger – its a brut. Performance wise, it really doesn’t compare. This lens is a technological marvel. So there in lies the trade off. Tremedous performance or compactness.

I was recently in Honolulu, a place I go often. I like to hike Diamond Head, a great hike if you haven’t done it. The thought of tugging this camera and lens along was daunting. I decided not to. I’d taken the pictures from the site with many different cameras over the years so my motivation wasn’t as strong as it would have been had it had been my first climb. Still, I’d think twice about dragging the lens/ body out for just any old event. If its special, well, yeah I will, otherwise I’m back to a NEW Canon point and shoot!

If your focus is the highest quality you can get and don’t mind the girth – don’t hesitate, buy it. You won’t regret it.

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reviews of nikon 17-55mm

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Nikon AF 17-55mm Review By Steve Maloney "RE4U" (Alamo, CA USA)
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