Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens Review

Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens Review

“Disappointing sample”

nikon nikkor 24-120

At the time I bought mine, Amazon was out of stock, and I bought it someplace else. Fortunately that store was good on returns.
My 24-85mm AF-S Nikkor (now discontinued) has been very good on my Nikon D50, but I coveted more telephoto and VR. I’d read so many reviews complaining of problems with some superzooms, that I didn’t want to overdo it, and I figured the 24-120mm should be perfect. It wasn’t. At 24mm f3.5 image softness away from the center was very unsatisfactory. I compared side-by-side twice with my 24-85, and I got the same result. Stopping down gave better image quality, but 24mm f3.5 is a setting I do find too useful to sacrifice.
I returned the lens for refund.

I have looked at a store sample of the 18-200mm Nikkor, and that looks more encouraging. I ordered one from someplace less expensive than that store.

Maybe a different sample of 24-120 would do better than the one I tried. Maybe not. If you miss out on the chance to get a discontinued 24-120 before they disappear, you probably have a better choice from among current models.

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Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens Review By M. J. Grumet (Boise, Idaho U.S.A.)
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    ovidiusuteu Says:

    I have this lens and it is very good on short focal distances. It gets very soft once you go over 100mm. It is not that bad as most people would say. Lets not forget that you get what you pay for.

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