Nikkor 10.5 Review

Nikkor 10.5 Review

Seriously good.

nikon nikkor 10.5

Seriously good yet about as much fun as you can have with a camera. This is a truly amazing lens that will challenge the way you see and take photos. Despite its 180 degree corner to corner field of view its nearly faultless across the frame by f5.6 or so. Flare is amazingly well controlled – far superior to the 14mm rectilinear Sigma that I own. Chromatic aberration while a problem wide open virtually disappears except at the very edge of the frame when stopped down a little. Its also tack sharp and contrasty with an amazing depth of field.

And in a pinch you can defish the lens and get something with a little less funhouse effect. The hemi plugin for photoshop gives amazing results that uses the entire frame and renders a very natural perspective. PTlens is another useful tool to defish. Its not as natural looking but you have control over other aspects of perspective that you may need as well. With those tools in hand this can be the one ultrawide that gives you everything you might want on a wide scale with a narrow budget

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Nikkor 10.5 Review By granger (Ithaca, NY USA)
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