Nikon 10.5 Review

Nikon 10.5 Review

“Great Fisheye – best for nikon digital DX”

nikon nikkor 10.5

I bought this for my Nikon D70 and it is an excellent partner to the supplied 28-70mm. I know it is a special application lens but its really versitile. Can be converted to standard wide angle with Nikon Capture software, this works well , but obviously you lose some of the image, not least the funky effect. The comment from the gentleman about it being a tragedy to do this is being a little subjective. For a start, Nikon don’t make another lens this wide for digital, so if you want wider than the 12-24 and not pay $1000 it is a serious option. I would also say after owning it for a few years and getting it stolen, you can rescue some images with this tool as well. Of course if you never want the fisheye effect then buying this makes no sense.

I feel like i am zooming out a mile with this lens and can really capture the scene nicely. Expensive, but a lot of very nicely made glass and you will use it for years. It oozes quality. It is also very sharp – maybe the other guy had a lemon?

Check out the Sigma 8mm fisheye too though as it is a tad wider and the standard for a lot of qtvr work. I will probably buy another of these though as I seriously miss it. If someone offers you one with the serial 300716 call the police or email me.


So I bought another one after trying all the competition. The Sigma is just miles away from the quality and sharpness of this fisheye. If you are a nikon digital user then it is a no brainer. Also my comments about QTVR are not so accurate, it seems just as many pros use this model. Another thing that is really amazing is the incredibly short focus distance – it is almost like you can use it as a macro (ok not a real macro), up close there are some really amazing effects, and impressive depth of field.

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Nikon 10.5 Review By Oliver A. Williams (Chicago, IL USA)
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