Nikon Speedlight SB-800 Flash Review

Nikon Speedlight SB-800 Flash Review

“Electric Sun”

nikon speedlight sb-800

I bought the Speedlight to take to Europe with a new D100. It worked fantastic. I was able to light the ceilings of every church and castle we visited. The light is bright and very fast. The color digital image was true to the actual color – no yellow tinge at all. Close-ups were great. NO red-eye on any shot and no washed out images. I took about 1200 pictures and used the Speedlight on about 500 of them. Everyone was perfect. Took the shadows right out of the pictures in bright sunlight. There should be no doubt about whether it is worth the dollars – it is every one of them.

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Nikon Speedlight SB-800 Flash Review By Walter Figel (Denver, CO)
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