Nikon 70-200 mm Lens Review

Nikon 70-200 mm Lens Review

“Expose like a pro!”

nikon nikkor 70-200

I have used this lens for over 6 months now and have over 1k shots through it. It is as fantastic as others note herein. The 2.8 through the focus range is really great. Superb. The VR function is really a neat trick. It is super fun to play with.

The drawbacks are size and weight. After a 1/2 hour of shooting, your arms will get tired. Remember to be careful and hold the lens and not the camera. This lens is definately heavy enough to bend/warp the camera body.

Jan 07 update
This lens still gets a lot of action and I am still very happy. I have been using it for some portrait work with the VR turned off and it seems to produce some very high quality images with nice bokeh. I used it at a large wedding and it allowed me to get a variety of shots that would have ordinarily required lens changes. The 70 to 200 is a very nice range to get some very nice shots. A really right stuff modified foot (lcf-10? I think) is also useful. Have fun.

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Nikon 70-200 mm Lens Review By Tom Schwab (Seattle, WA)
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