Nikon 80-400 mm Lens Review

Nikon 80-400 mm Lens Review

“This is one great lens”

nikon nikkor 80-400

I bought this lens in October of 2005 and have used it with both my D70 and now my D200. It is an impressive piece of glass for the money. I have gotten superb results both with and without the VR function engaged. It is rock solid.

My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit faster (F stop lower than 4.5). Of course, Nikon’s 2.0 in a fixed focal length is well over $5000 so I’ll live with it for now.

I do a lot of nature and documentary photography and this lens has helped me achieve wonderful professional results. I took a photo of a mallard taking flight and you can count the downy feathers on his fuzzy posterior.

Take a warning though. If you plan on putting a circular polarizer on it, make sure it’s a VERY good one. Every mid-range one I tried (<$100) messed up the auto focus.

If you have the need and the cash, it’s a great lens!

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Nikon 80-400 mm Lens Review by S. Becket
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    Andy Cook Says:

    I am looking at buying the NIKON 80-400mm Lens. Is this fully compatible with my NIKON D5000?

    Andy C

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