Nikkor Fisheye 10.5mm Review

Nikkor Fisheye 10.5mm Review

“It does what it says it does”

nikon nikkor 10.5

This is a fish eye lens. You have to be careful to keep your own toes out of the picture. It focuses close enough that even spots on the lens stand out, so it must be kept spotless. Like other fish eyes, this lens will not accept a filter.

I use this lens for landscapes, portraits, even close-ups. I use it inside airplanes when instructing student pilots. Things to try with this lens:

Close-up of a bouquet or group of flowers.
Landscape framed by palm trees.
Interiors and farmer’s markets.
Fields of flowers.
Virtual reality panoramas.

The Capture and Capture NX software will correct the distortions of this lens. However, if I need something like that I prefer to shoot with a regular wide angle. I use the fish eye because I WANT a fish eye perspective.

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Nikkor Fisheye 10.5mm Review By C J Campbell "Waddling Eagle" (Port Orchard, WA USA)
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