Nikkor Wide Angle Lens Review

Nikkor Wide Angle Lens Review

“Expensive but look what it does”

nikon nikkor 14-24

$1550 for a lens with a 10mm range?

Yes, and worth it.

First, if you use this on a combination of FX and DX bodies, you have a range of 14 to 36 mm. You cover every wide angle prime — 14mm, 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, in one package. Not bad. Add the fact that the ISO 6400 on the FX Nikon bodies is fantastic and there’s no need for 1.4 or 2.0 max apertures, you got a very versatile package in this lens.

But even if you couldn’t get 14-36 coverage, this lens would be worth the dough because it is so sharp. The first time I opened a group shot done with this lens I was blown away by the detail and sharpness. I have never seen this kind of quality out of a Nikon lens, and I own a lot of them. It is great. Colors are saturated, flare well controlled and the lens handles very nicely. I’ve used it in low light and the 2.8 shots are as good as the f/8 shots. A fantastic lens; wish I had the money to buy its cousin, the 24-70, but I have to content with the 28-70 for now.

If you can afford only one Nikon wide angle lens, make it this one.

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Nikkor Wide Angle Lens Review By Carl E. Feather "cfeather" (KINGSVILLE, OH USA)
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