Nikkor 24-70 Wide Angle Lens Review

Nikkor 24-70 Wide Angle Lens Review


nikon nikkor 24-70

First a complaint about Amazon. My lens arrived “packed” in a larger box. The box was large enough that the Nikon box was bouncing around in it. The Nikon box showed the results of the bouncing. I’m sure (I hope anyway) that the lens didn’t suffer as a result of all the bouncing around.

The lens is all I thought it would be. Fast fast focus on my D3. Sharp all over. Colors are spectacular. Sharpness is as high as any lens I own and maybe sharper.
Easy handling even tho, to me, the zoom ring is a little close to the body (same complaint I had about the 17-55).
I love the thicker hood. It feels like you could drop it on it and it would provide some real protection.

Upon receiving the lens I ran out back and started snapping pictures. Right off I could see the deep rich colors and sharp details.
I know it’s not a macro but this gecko liked posing for the camera so I got as close as the lens would let and snapped away while he posed for me. Zooming into the pictures you could see wonderful colors and rich details in the little fella. Oooh and aaahs from the family showing off the pictures.

Very happy with the lens.
Not so happy with Amazon shipping.
Come on guys get it together and put a few peanuts or something in there to keep things from rattling around.

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Nikkor 24-70 Wide Angle Lens Review By James D. Holbrook "James H." (Houston, TX)
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