Nikon SB-900 Review

Nikon SB-900 Review

“POW! Wide Coverage!!”

nikon speedlight sb-900

I love the SB-800’s i’ve been useing for a while now, but after i mounted the SB-900 onto my Nikon D3 i was amazed! The controls are much easier to navagate and WOW you can turn it on and off with just a flick of the switch. I wish i had more of them but it is pricey! Use it as your main on camera flash and your 800’s for remotes!

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reviews of nikon sb 900

Price Range: $XXX to $549.99
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Nikon SB-900 Review By Brian Davis "Digitaleventhorizons" (Culver City, California)
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    Azem Koleci Says:

    Nikon is famous for its’ cameras and lenses(optic), but more famously for speedlights and proven again with Nikon SB-900. Powerful and easy to use, the best so far in the market. With its’ coverage zoom from wide angle to telephoto it seems to be must for professionals for more creative lightning.

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