Nikon SB 900 Lens Review

Nikon SB 900 Lens Review

“Excellent flash, free shipping = poor packing”

nikon speedlight sb-900

This flash is great — overpriced by about $100 for what it does, not a whole lot more than what the SB800 does, adds a few bells and whistles and has much better layout of controls. Wait a few months and it will be more realistically priced, $350 ought to be the top price. Amazon has already shaved $20 off it since I fell for it.

Amazon’s packing department ought to go back to school They just threw the flash in a box with one plastic bubble. It banged around a lot during shipping. Poor job.

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reviews of nikon sb 900

Price Range: $XXX to $549.99
Best Price: $$ Click To See Today’s Sale Price $$

Nikon SB 900 Lens Review by Carl E. Feather "cfeather" (KINGSVILLE, OH USA)
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