How Camera Lenses are made (video)

Ever wonder why Canon and Nikon Lenses cost so much? I did and thought that it was just a huge markup due to them being a luxury item for a hobby that has a large demographic of higher income individuals… Then I saw some videos on television about how a lens is manufactured, and let me tell you… they deserve the high price they charge for the huge amount of processing and work they go through to get a single lens made.

Six weeks for a single lens!!!

Here’s a really neat and interesting youtube video on how camera lenses are made and manufactured. Its a bit lengthy at 10 minutes, but is quite the interesting watch and good solid information from the Discovery Channel Hows its made series.

There is also some good videos on youtube of the canon lens manufacturing plant, its a little more up to date and sophisticated, although the process is still vigirous and long, making camera lenses really expensive and hard to make. Anyways… im sure all you other photography nerds out there will find it interesting!


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