Nikon SB-900 Reviews – SB900 Unboxing Video!

There has been a huge amount of buzz and fuss going around right now about the Nikon Speedlight SB-900 flash, and for good reason! This thing is absolutely marvelous, and was a long time coming over the beloved sb-800 speed light flash.

This is a wordless video review of the unit, I guess reviews aren’t meant to be wordless, but it still is the best video floating around right now of the Nikon SB900, and does a good job of showing off the product from unboxing.

Nikon's Sb-900 Speedlight Flash

Nikon's Sb-900 Speedlight Flash

Hopefully we will have some detailed and in-depth and not so wordless expert breakdowns up shortly, but for the time being I’m sure all the buzzing Nikon SB 900 bees will enjoy the above video / preview / review / demonstration or whatever you want to call it.

Some key difference – Compare Nikon SB-800 vs. SB-900:

  1. 200mm coverage on SB900
  2. Weatherproof sealing on SB900
  3. Ability to pan flash head 180º left / right
  4. Improved gel filters system
  5. Now fully compatible with DX camera bodies
  6. No more 5th battery “Recycling Pack”
  7. Better flash control
  8. Automatic WB adjustment with selected gel filters

Stayed tuned for more Nikon SB900 Reviews and discussion, as well as a more in depth side by side look and comparison between Nikon’s SB-900 and SB-800 units, and the reasons or lack of good enough reason for you to choose one or the other or upgrade 🙂


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