Nikkor 16-85 Review

Nikkor 16-85 Review

“Nikon 16-85 AF VR”

nikon nikkor 16-85

I purchased this lens to replace an 18-70 AF “kit” Nikkor I was using on my D200.

I take a lot of low light photos and usually cannot use flash for various reasons. I was having trouble with images being blurred even when I braced the camera against objects such as door jambs or used a monopod.

Manually focussed test shots taken with the old lens and the new lens using the same aperture setting, focal length, ISO100 and at around 1/10 second exposure, were noticeably sharper on the images taken with the new lens. Test shots using autofocus appear sharper as well.

The extra range at the 16 and 85 mm settings are a bonus and make the lens just that much more flexible.

This lens was recommended to me by a semi-pro photographer I work with and I would recommend this lens to a friend.

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Nikkor 16-85 Review by CA Nikon Fan (Northern California)
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