Nikkor 18-135 Review

Nikkor 18-135 Review

“A good Lens for amature photography.”

nikon nikkor 18-135

So you want to buy a nice “all around lens.” Well, this could be it, however, take some of my following into consideration.

This lens is a cheap and easy way to cover a large range of zooms. Depending upon your needs and camera you own, this lens allows for a lot of versatility. +1 Star.

The lens is light weight and fairly short when dealing with storage. Being compact and still having a decent zoom range makes it a good all around lens. +1 Star

This lens has few buttons and is easy to understand. I have taken some very decent “professional” shots with it, from close up of flowers to family portraiture, and even dark evening long exposure shots that would rival many of my other more expensive lenses, and never had to fumble with buttons, or switches, or even that pesky aperture ring when the time didn’t allow it, a good fire and forget lens. +2 Stars

Its a Nikon lens, and as such has a very nice large sweet spot when focusing. Typically with high aperture numbers, you loose your sweet spot, and get a “general focus,” rather than a sharp focus on your subject. For a cheap lens this lens does rather well covering most bases. +2 Stars


You get what you pay for. This lens being made of plastic, and not having any real support in the frame, is easy to break (trust me I know). -1 Star (Partially for my own stupidity)

Vignetting on this lens is horrible in the wrong situations. There are many photos that I have had low light, used my SB-800, and got some nasty rings around the corners. I can only imagine what it must look like on a film camera. -2 Star

Because this lens is so slow (yes, f/3.5 is slow) the auto focus feature does not work well in many situations, such as dark, or low contrast vertical lines. I like to shut off my “white light” on my D200 so as not to blind my subjects. -2 Stars

This lens is so slow to focus that if you are taking fast nature shots, get another lens, and leave this one at home. This lens would have been a perfect candidate to receive the VR treatment with its slow f3.5-5.6, and at longer focal lengths the “camera shake” can be so bad as to ruin a good shot. When looking at this lens make sure that its just a general “get into the photography world” lens, and not your “End all Beat all” lens. -2 stars (for not going all the way to where it should be.)


When looking at a lens, there are often three factors a newbie should look at…

1. Can I afford it. If you have to buy more of the same lens because of cheap workmanship, is it worth having? Why not just buy the “less than twice” expensive upgrade that will last four times longer or more?

2. Is it easy to use, or easy to learn. A lens (or anything in life) is no fun, and is not worth it, if you can’t figure out how to use it. This lens is as easy as they come.

3. What kind of photography am I going to shoot? As an armature or “newbie” photographer, this lens will satisfy most of your requirements. However, just know that at some point, the lack of features may bite you when you need it most. Being a slow lens, you are destined to have to rely on your flash much more, or, never get that shot of the Buck jumping across the shadow laden stream at twilit.

Final Score?
5 stars assumed to begin with.

5 +1 +1 +2 +2 -1 -2 -2 -2 = 4 Stars.

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Nikkor 18-135 Review by Antonio J. Luna "oicura_geologtist" (Kent, WA United States)
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