Nikkor 85 f1.8 Review

Nikkor 85 f1.8 Review

“The Perfect Portrait Lens”

nikon nikkor 85 f/1.8

I have used Nikkor lenses for almost 40 years. I have 6 in my bag right now. This is the best lens I have ever used. It is better than the 105 f2.5, and that should say it all. Fast focus, perfect color, contrast, and razor sharp. The 85 mm focal length is perfect for portraits even with the 1.5 factor on a D300 [feels almost like you are using the 105 f2.5!]. Combine the 1.8 f-stop with the low noise of today’s Nikons and you are set to capture great images in almost any low light situation. The real point of the lens is, of course, the incredible DOF control you have to make your subject pop. I always use aperture priority with this lens to make sure I am controling the f stop, the results are amazing, even wide open. This prime lens really needs to be in your camera bag if you are a serious Nikon photographer. The fit and finish are pure Nikon. One more important thought, this lens will work perfectly on the full sensor D3 and D700 as it is not a DX lens. You will not be sorry you bought this lens, esp at the current price.

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reviews of nikon 85mm f/1.8

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Nikkor 85 f1.8 Review by Nikon Nut (San Ramon, CA USA)
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