Nikon 12-24 DX Review

Nikon 12-24 DX Review

“A real beauty.. Highlly recomendded”

nikon nikkor 12-24

It was really difficult to decide if It was really worth the 1 grand tag price for this lens, since there are viable options at half the price.

Well, I couraged up, and made the order.. my only comment is WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

This is an incredible lens!! I own a 18-200VR, a 35mm f.2, and a 18-70 ( All are DX) on a D70 (a D300 on the way, ordered in adorama since amazon isn’t accepting more orders at the moment) , and this 12-24, quality wise, just blows out any of my previous lenses!! Color accuracy, saturation, clarity, sharpness and build construction are in the WOW category!!! real masterpiece

I’ve had the 12-24 for a month now, and it remais glued to my camera!!! The 18-200 has been sitting on a lowepro bag waiting for action, but, quite simply, the 12-24 is such such a piece, that it won’t be coming off the D70 for quite a while..

I have not had the chance to try the Tokina, sigma and tamron equivalents, so I can’t make a sustained comparison, however, I can tell you this: If you got the money and have ample use for an ultra wide, then go for the Nikon with eyes wide shut!! If not, then I’d go for the Tokina (Check out Ken Rockwell’s comparison on this lenses, very helpfull)

Is it worth it???? ABSOLUTELLY!!!

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Nikon 12-24 DX Review by yoshi "guari" (Florida)
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