Nikon 12-24 Lens Review

Nikon 12-24 Lens Review

“In the Distance”

nikon nikkor 12-24

I do not know about anyone else but I love this lens. I love landscape photography and this lens is one of the best tools to assist you with taking breath-taking shots that are sharp and beautiful with magnificent distance and depth. This is one of the best tools available to get real wide angle and depth if you are using an DSLR camera.

I performed several days of research before purchasing this lens by surfing the net for reviews and reading articles written by professional photographers. 99% of them gave this lens a very high rating… and after using it myself I can see why. The results of my pictures are worth every hard-earned dollar I spent to buy this lens. I purchased the Nikon D-70 camera and set the intent after spending that much for a camera I deserved great lenses to produce pictures that are inspirational and joyful to view. I am not a professional photographer; I am a serious student of photography who appreciates the art form.

Not everyone will have a need for this lens; however, for those of you who want to expand your tools and you want the best and can afford it, “go for it!’

If you want to read some professional reviews visit and has many professional reviews for lenses in all sizes, it is a great site. has great reviews and much “how-to” guidance for both film and digital photography. Both sites are very, very helpful.

Thanks for another great purchase!

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Check out for more reviews of Nikon’s 12-24mm, it has more consumer reviews and reports than any other site online:

reviews of nikon 12-24mm

Price Range: $XXX to $949.99
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Nikon 12-24 Lens Review by Okay (Glendale, Heights)
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