Nikon 12-24 Review

Nikon 12-24 Review

“Pricey But Worth It”

nikon nikkor 12-24

If you want to shoot extreme wide angles on your Nikon digital SLR, you can choose this Nikkor lens, or a similar Sigma lens for 2/3rds the price. Spend the extra money.

The Sigma lens costs you a half an f-stop in speed, about double the weight, and a complete inability to use standard filters. Plus, Sigma’s optics just aren’t up to Nikon standards. All said and done, the Sigma lens isn’t worth the money.

Which brings us to the Nikon lens: Is it worth a grand?

Oh my yes.

First, the cons. If you haven’t already standardized on 77mm filters, then you’ll have to buy all-new ones to fit this lens. That’s an extra expense to keep in mind before you buy. The hood that comes with this lens doesn’t snap into place as snug as it should. Getting the lens in and out of your bag, you may find the hood jiggling loose. The dinky built-in flash on Nikon’s popular D70 body isn’t a good fit with this lens. From about 12-18mm, the flash/lens combination will leave a dark shadow at the bottom of the frame. If you plan on shooting indoors with a flash, plan on using the Nikon SB-600 or -800.

Optically, however, this lens is a dream. Typical wide-angle distortion at the extreme 12mm, but less than you might expect. You might find softness around the edges at 12mm wide-open, but otherwise this is one sharp lens. I recently took it to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs (shooting on a 6.1mpix D70 body), and was shocked at the detail even on not-so-close objects. This lens delivers.

And that’s the whole point: It delivers what you can’t get anywhere else for DSLR work. For that, most any price is cheap.

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Nikon 12-24 Review by Stephen Green "" (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
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