Nikon 12-24mm Lens Review

Nikon 12-24mm Lens Review

“Proof is in the pictures, size, weight and performance.”

nikon nikkor 12-24

Yes this lens is expensive! The good news is that the quality makes this a good value indeed. I do have some experience with other more cost effective lenses and
the differences make this lens the better buy.
This lens is sharp. Not only in the final processed or printed image but
also when focusing and composing the picture. In particular I noticed that when capturing architectural shots at night time, I was able to see the details of the subject clearly. Nice contrasty colors and sharp detail in the dark areas. Ok, you might be thinking is it worth the grand in comparison to the other wide angle zooms that cost less. I can tell you that I would not even consider the S brand 15-30mm after using it with a 20D. I found that it presented a somewhat diffused image in the viewfinder and the size was ….was obtrusive in my opinion. The nikkor 12-24 is built solid. The color rendition, as captured with a D200, is as close to as seen as any equipment I have used. Less lineal distortion than I have seen with other lenses of similiar range as well. All of this in a surprisingly compact design.
This is a DX nikkor and therefore a conversion factor of 1.5. changes the actual zoom ratio to an 18-36mm in comparison to a 35mm camera. Mine came with a velvet lens pouch, lense shade, front and rear caps plus a 5 year extended service warranty card.
Nikon service has been first rate as far as I am concerned with a site that is easy to navigate and informative.
Overall my experience with lens is excellent. Like a lot of people, I struggled with that thousand dollor plus purchase price . I mean that just doesn’t sound like a purchase that is gonna feel good for the price. Subsequently I looked at it up down and sideways trying to figure out a way to cover these focal lengths. Overall my criteria were performance, quality, price and re-sale value.
Even the day I got it I can’t say I felt great spending that kind of money. It’s more like a general feeling of satisfaction comes over you as you use it more and appreciate the size and build quality. Kinda like paying your registration every year, expensive but feels good knowing your good till next year. Besides what choice do you really have?
Now, in retrospect, it was a great buy because the resale value is high and the performance is what you expect from Nikon and the great amount of thought and expertise that went into it’s development.
Don’t forget that Nikon often builds extra features into products in anticipation of equipment being developed but not yet available for sale! That is a quote from Ken Rockwell who has been a big help in providing information to us all.
Good luck!

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Nikon 12-24mm Lens Review by projectmgr (san mateo, ca)
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