Nikon 12-24mm Review

Nikon 12-24mm Review

“A little slow and a bit expensive, but absolutely essential”

nikon nikkor 12-24

Until I finally ponied up the $1k for this lens, the widest glass I had was my Nikkor 20mm f/2.8. With the 1.5 focal length multiplier that is a fact of life with Nikon SLRs, that’s the equivalent of a 35mm lens.
I’m old enough to remember when 35mm was considered adequate for a wide angle lens, but no more.
The multiplier takes this lens up to 18mm, which is pretty good. Stick it on my F5 and I can practically see behind myself.
I shoot a lot of editorial stuff for newspapers and this is an excellent up-close storytelling lens. It’s sharp and delivers spectacular scenic results when matched with a polarizing filter.
In actual use, my only complaint is that f/4 isn’t as fast as I’d like. A minor annoyance and certainly not a deal-breaker.
I’m glad I bought it. It’s paid for itself many times over.

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Nikon 12-24mm Review by John M Flora "" (Brookland, AR United States)
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