Nikon 16-85 Telephoto Zoom Review

Nikon 16-85 Telephoto Zoom Review

“An Excellent All-Around Lens”

nikon nikkor 16-85

I purchased a Nikon D200 in 2007 but held off buying a zoom lens to use as my-always-on-the-camera lens because there were no reasonable cost Nikon zoom DR lens that covered 16 mm (equivlent of 24 mm in 35 MM format). I recently read about the availability of this zoom lens that starts at 16mm with VR (vibration reduction) capability and decided to give it a try. I have not been disappointed. Images are sharp and color is good across the whole zoom range for pics on automatic setting. Have not had time to play with it at full aperture and manual settings, yet, but will get to that in the future. Filter size is large (67mm), but I guess they had to put the new auto focus and VR motors somewhere.

My only complaint to date is that Nikon has reversed the position of the zoom and focusing rings on the lens barrel. This will take some getting used.

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Nikon 16-85 Telephoto Zoom Review by W. Zide
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