Nikon 16-85 Wide Angle Review

Nikon 16-85 Wide Angle Review

“Great Lens for the Demanding-Amature or Pro”

nikon nikkor 16-85

I’ve now taken well over a 1000 pictures with this lens and a D300 body. I’ve used it in the desert, in snow fields, in Las Vegas at night, in heavy overcast sky and indoors at a wedding without a flash. The results are easily up to professional standards – sharp, no chromatic aberrations, low distortion.

The VR makes it easy to hand hold down to 1/5 of a second. This, to some degree, makes up for the lens’ relatively slow speed. The plus side of the trade-offs this lens design makes is that you get a much greater focal length range than the much more expensive, much heavier, faster glass – while retaining great performance.

Build quality is great with no lens creep. It feels like the two front extension tubes are metal (I don’t know that for a fact). There is only minimal wobble at the front of the lens when it is fully extended. This movement is about the same as found in any fixed focal length Nikkor lens.

It’s a bargain at $650.

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Price Range: $XXX to $649.99
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Nikon 16-85 Wide Angle Review by Fred M. Bonnett "Professional Photographer" (Billings, Montana)
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