Nikon 16 Lens Review

Nikon 16 Lens Review

“A True Fisheye Lens for Digital Cameras”

nikon nikkor 16

This is a great lens for fun and creativity. Some call it an “armpit” lens as it gives you a 180 degree perspective. I find myself pulling this lens out of the bag more and more often as I see a landscape or object that deserves the wide perspective captured by this lens. Try taking photos of animals with it. Get close up and their noses come out large with the rest of their heads caught in a small wide-angle perspective – much fun. A photographer friend of mine shot cows with this lens, now be careful as you have to get pretty close, but his photos were hilarious! I highly recommend this lens. To save a couple of hundred dollars or so, find it used, but make sure it comes with the filters. My only complaint is the cap that Nikon provides with it. It slips off easily and since the lens can not fit a normal filter to protect the objective glass, you have a potential for scratching or at least getting the lens smudged – too much cleaning of glass is never good. I used double-sided tape inside the cap to help it stick to the built-in hood – seems to work – just make sure you trim the double-sided tape so it isn’t touching the lens itself. Enjoy!

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Nikon 16 Lens Review by Ralph W. SCHARDT "Photographer at Large" (San Jose, Ca USA)
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