Nikon 16 Review

Nikon 16 Review

“Terrific standard fisheye lens”

nikon nikkor 16

This is a terrific standard fisheye lens. Unlike many fisheyes, it creates a full-screen rectangular image. The filters that come with the lens are an added bonus. Wonderful and fun images can be created. Don’t waste your money on the filter-type screw-on fisheye lenses that distort your image beyond all recognition and don’t allow for correct metering or focusing. This has been a wonderful addition to my lens collection, and one that I frequently find myself pulling out of the bag for a special effect here and there – from a lying-on-the-ground in the forest photo, to a wrap-around view of the WDW castle…I mark it down one star only because of the price — Nikon has several fisheye lenses, and all of them are overpriced for the limited use these lenses receive. Still, it is comperable in price to the 15/2.8 sigma fisheye with much better glass quality.

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Nikon 16 Review by RonAnnArbor (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
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